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1967 Mercury Cougar GT | 79k Miles | $22,250

Unleash your creativity with this 1967 Mercury Cougar, a classic beauty awaiting your personal touch. While this Cougar has undergone a comprehensive mechanical restoration, including engine work and drivetrain improvements, its exterior is ready for your custom paint job. This project car offers the perfect blend of vintage charm and modern potential, making it an exciting opportunity for someone looking to own a piece of vintage American muscle.


VIN: 7F91S518729

Year: 1967

Make: Mercury

Model: Cougar GT

Mileage: 79,000

Title Status: Clean

Carfax report: N/A

Engine type: 6.6L V8

Transmission type: Auto


New engine block at 72,000 miles. Bored 0.40 over with all new internals

Edelbrock RPM Top End Kit

Maintenance history:

New engine block at 72,000 miles. Bored 0.40 over with all new internals

Edelbrock RPM Top End Kit

New gas tank welded in

New cooling system

Freshly rebuilt power steering system

Rebuilt brakes

Rebuilt suspension

New starter

New battery

New brake booster

Steering wheel wrap 

New mirror and mirror holder 

Includes upgraded exhaust headers 

PPI checklist: Done

Rust?: Surface rust around the car, no rotting through, body and interior in all original condition

Faults and needs: Drive the car with the patina as is or restore it completely!

Dings/scratches/paint meter readings: N/A

Exterior condition: 4

Interior condition: 5

Drivetrain and engine: 7.5


How does the car drive? (mechanical aspects):
The car starts up every time and reliably gets you from point A to point B. The engine sounds fantastic with the upgraded mufflers and it also includes a set of headers as well for the next owner to install. The transmission shifts through all the gears, and there is a slight kick from 1st to 2nd gear, otherwise, it goes through all the gears normally and doesn't slip. The suspension is nice and soft which makes for a comfortable ride and the steering is light and easy to steer. The car does not overheat and can easily be used as a daily driver!


Ownership lifestyle, how do you feel owning and driving the car?:
Owning and driving this car around is definitely a fun lifestyle as it transports you back to the 60's and gets looks everywhere it goes. We've had a few people talk to us already about the car and reminisce about their own Cougar they used to have so there is a great following and a lot of love for this car and it really shows! The power is great and it makes you want to step on it just to hear that glorious sound of the V8. 

Why are you selling the car?


This Cougar boasts recently restored mechanical components that ensure reliable performance on the road. Its original body panels and trim provide a solid foundation for customization, allowing you to create a unique look that reflects your personality. Inside, the interior is in good condition, offering both comfort and versatility for your driving pleasure.


One of the most enticing features of this 1967 Mercury Cougar is its potential for a personalized exterior paint job. Whether you envision a classic restoration faithful to its original glory or a bold custom build that turns heads at every corner, this Cougar provides the opportunity to make your automotive dreams a reality. Its classic design with distinctive grille and sleek lines serves as the perfect canvas for your imagination.


Seize the chance to own a piece of automotive history and create a masterpiece of your own. Contact us today to schedule a viewing or for more information. Serious inquiries only.


The car is in all original condition from the exterior to the interior which is a huge plus, and can be used as is with the patina as a fun daily driver or taken the time to restore completely as it has a very solid body and chassis. Most of the electrical components inside do not work like the stereo, horn, and some gauges, however, all safety components like headlights, tail lights, brake lights, and turn signals are in working order. The car has a very nice loud growl to it and sounds like a true classic American Muscle car. It’s got tons of power and even chirps the tires from first to second! When it comes to the steering its very light as all classic cars and responsive, and tracks pretty straights. The brakes have had a new booster installed and the master cylinder rebuilt. Although it gets a little stiff towards the end of the pedal travel, it holds perfectly fine and is reliable. We’ve spent over 2 hours driving this car through all sorts of conditions like rough LA traffic to open twisty roads and this Cougar continues to put a smile on our face and passes each obstacle with flying colors! 



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