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"The Bond Racer"

2003 Aston Martin Vanquish  |  6.0L V12 | 38K Miles

For collectors, by collectors.

Bringing you the best collectors cars with the highest attention to detail. We aim to remove all doubts when purchasing or selling a car through our detailed white glove service. 

We understand the stress of purchasing a special piece of history, especially if the vehicle is out of state. And even the selling process can be so involved and draining, from taking professional photos and videos to creating and running a listing to ensure it goes to a good home.

This is why we have set out to create a fully hands off service that provides sellers with the convenience and peace of mind that their car will be highlighted to the best of its abilities, while providing the buyer extra assurance and confidence through our meticulously detailed listings. 

Our White Glove service highlights every detail of the car with professional studio photoshoots, video walk arounds, driving drone footage, and even interviews with the previous owner and technicians! 

Whether you're looking for a rare classic for your collection or a unique daily driver to add to your garage, we're here for you. 

Image by Michael Jasmund

Interested in selling your car? Our White Glove service ensures it brings the value it deserves. 

Get the most value for your special piece of history with our White Glove service. A completely hands off and full confidence service that highlights every detail of your car with our meticulous photography, videos, and in depth ownership review from the seller. 

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1986 Porsche Carrera 911 - Manual

This 40k mile, 1 owner G body Porsche is finished in a gorgeous carmine red paint job which is still in immaculate condition for the age. The interior is covered in black leather with black stitching and is in excellent shape as well with no wear or tear. This 911 was bought by the current owner in 1986,  and enjoyed as a weekend driver to stretch it's legs on beautiful southern California backroads, and when not in use, stored away in a garage away from harsh climate. This Carrera is in search of it's new caretaker to enjoy many more years of driving time and car shows, so if interested in the car before it goes to auction, please send us an email enquiry today.  


1995 Alfa Romeo SZ - Manual

With only 1000 examples ever produced, rare is an understatement for this Alfa Romeo SZ. The SZ was a collaboration project amongst Alfa Romeo, Fiat, Zagato, as a way to announce Alfa Romeo's return to the sports car world after being acquired by Fiat. This specific example is a true survivor and all around great driving machine that turns heads everywhere it goes. Sporting the iconic Rosso Alfa red exterior over black and tan leather interior, with a 5 speed manual transmission and a 3.0 liter V6 engine, this SZ drives smoothly through city traffic and gives newer cars a run for their money on the twisty back roads. 

Recently Sold

1985 Mercedes 500SL Studio Photos (11).png

1985 Mercedes Benz 500SL - Auto - 137k Miles

One of the finest and most recognized models Mercedes has made, the 500SL. This 1985 500SL is a European model with only 137k miles on the odometer and a very well maintained 1 owner car. With a book of maintenance records dating to day 1, this Mercedes is a true survivor. The exterior of the car is finished in a gloss black paint job, with contrasting cream and black leather interior, and a Nardi wood grain steering wheel to finish it off. 


1963 Ghia 1500 GT Coupe - Manual

One of very few cars built by Italy's Carrozzeria Ghia to be sold under their own name, the Ghia 1500 GT. The Ghia was based on a shortened fiat 1500 C chassis with independent coil spring front suspension and leaf spring mounted live rear axle. There were only 846 Ghia 1500 GT's produced, with only 35 for the U.S. market! This specific Ghia was previously owned by the famous Black Hawk Museum, and was repainted by the museum sometime in the 70's. This Ghia is looking for its new caretaker and will be going to auction soon. If interested in purchasing the car pre auction, please send us an email enquiry today. 

071922HG - 77LotusEsprit_04.jpg

1978 Lotus Esprit S1 - Manual - 30k Miles

This 1978 Series 1 Lotus Esprit is the true gem of the 70's and 80's era box body design cars. Designed by Giugiarro (the same man who designed the DeLorean) this Esprit is a timeless piece of automotive history that will never be forgotten. As seen in the James Bond movie "The Spy Who Loved Me" the Lotus Esprit's wedge design makes it look like it's ready to be taken on water or through air. 


2003 Aston Martin Vanquish V12 - Auto - 38k miles

What better way to embrace the 007 lifestyle than a 6.0 liter V12, Aston Martin Vanquish? This 2003 model is finished in a mercury silver metallic paint job with aluminum alloy wheels and a 6 speed automatic transmission. With only 38,000 miles, and meticulously cared for by the owner Joe, this Vanquish is a well sorted and oiled machine looking to add more smiles per gallon in your life. 

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