What's our White Glove Service?

Through the years of buying cars online and out of state, we have learned all the issues associated with it and have created a service to remove all worries and effort when it comes to selling your car, or, buying a car from us. Read about our whole process below!

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Our Process

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Submitting Your Car

First, it starts with submitting your car, and if approved, setting an appointment for a briefing call. In this first step we clarify logistics such as car delivery date and time, timeline for service, and the steps involved. 


Receiving The Car

Once the logistics are dialed in, we will take delivery of your car and begin our white glove service process. If local, we can arrange a pick up, and if you're not local, we will need to arrange shipping of the car to us. All shipping costs to be covered by seller.  Once we receive the car, we perform a shakedown to make sure everything is functioning properly, then, get the car detailed and ready for photography and cinematography. 

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Photo/Video Shoot

We start by taking photos of your car in our professional photo studio, along with detailed undercarriage shots on a lift. After the photoshoot, we create detailed videos of the car outlining the exterior, interior, mechanical details, and drone driving footage, along with an interview with the technician that has been maintaining the car to honestly highlight the car to the best of it's ability


Listing Auction

After all photos and videos have been edited, we create a well written auction listing highlighting every detail, with supporting photo and video documentation to further elaborate the car in it's entirety. 

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Finally, after the auction has closed and you have sold your car, we will aid in shipping the car to the buyer, and if transported on an open trailer, the car will be detailed once it arrives to the buyer, before the buyer takes delivery of the car. The seller is responsible for covering the cost of detail post purchase, and the buyer is responsible for shipping costs. 


Setting Appointment

Receiving Car

Photo/Video Shoot

Auction Listing


Submitting your car for approval only takes a few minutes! Simply scroll down to the bottom of this page and fill in the form outlining some basic information about your car and submit. On average, it takes us 1-2 days to review cars for approval. 

The timeline for taking delivery of your car may vary depending on where you live. Once we take delivery, we perform a shake down on the car to make sure everything is functioning properly and there are no surprises. Then, we detail the car and prepare it for the photo and video shoot. This process takes 1 day once we receive the car.

Photography and cinematography are split between 2 days to complete, and on average take 3 days to edit.

Once we gather all the information on the car, our copywriters create a well written listing representing the car in it's truest form. The copy is then merged with supporting photo and video documentation and listed on one of various auction platforms. This process takes between 1-2 days. During the auction, we take communication fully into our hands and act as the middle man answering all questions and upkeeping the listing.

Once the car has sold, we work with the buyer to arrange shipping/delivery, after arrival, we hire mobile detailers to detail the car before the new buyer takes delivery. 

* Total time for White Glove service: 2-3 days per car once we take delivery *


Our service is a two part service: White Glove, and Auction. 

White Glove Service: $1,500

Covers all photography and videos.

For local clients to Los Angeles, delivery is optional upon clients request. Pickup is also available per request. (Seller covers delivery fees).


For out of state clients, you will need to ship us your car through the carrier of your choice (Seller covers shipping fees).

Auction: 3% fee of total selling price with a maximum of $3,500 and a minimum of $250

Covers writing the listing copy, listing, managing the auction, and customer service.  

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