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Cars + Caffeine - Garage + Social \ Heritage Gruppe

Heritage Gruppe had the privilege to collaborate with Hagerty’s Garage + Social on Sunday, April 30th for Cars & Caffeine, showcasing an exciting variety of cars at their new Van Nuys location. Hagerty is all about car culture, so we are grateful for the opportunity to team-up with them and showcase their new venue with the Heritage Gruppe family, who share the same values. If you don’t already know, Garage + Social provides premium car and bike storage services with personalized access to Hagerty’s network of automotive specialists, able to provide you with anything you can dream up. They have premium social spaces at all their locations, with an Emory Outlaw 356 keeping us company as we sipped from espressos in the Van Nuys lounge, a show of how Hagerty takes care of its members, with a cafe’ truck fully covered for everyone attending.

The Heritage Gruppe family found early Sunday morning energy to meet up at Eagle Rock Plaza, catching early glimpses of all the sweet rides for our caravan to the event. Keeping to the automotive theme, members parked their cars at pillar A5, with a pair of perfectly stanced, race-inspired JDM classics arriving first. A beautiful Carrera RS clone showed up with a lesson on Roman-numerals and attention to detail. More air-cooled flat-sixes turned up alive from the crisp morning temperatures, warming us up with their grumble while those who hit snooze most started settling in.

Getting to the Garage + Social lot was marked with a cafe’ truck and Hagerty staff member, giving the go ahead for our Gruppe to enter. With the crew getting settled on the lot, somehow a lineup of bimmers arranged in an ascending order of model generation by complete coincidence, probably a show of the innate attention-to-detail qualities HG members share. As we set up our table displaying our White Glove Service information, the lot started to fill up with some surprisingly unique cars!

The first one that caught our attention was this late 50’s Fiat Abarth 750 GT Zagato also known as the “Double Bubble” finished in a bright red with some awesome Chopard Livery. After speaking with the owner Darrin and learning more about the history of the car, we were on our way to the next beauty that caught our eye…

A Lotus Europa? Not just any Europa, this particular one was a one off Chip Foose commission! *Mind Blown* If you don’t know who Chip Foose is, I highly recommend reading an article or two about him and seeing some of his work. Anyway, back to the Europa! With this particular Europa, Chip had drawn out the car with his intended design changes and color combinations, and afterwards, built the car to resemble his drawings. With the autographed drawing sitting on the dashboard of the car, it definitely added to the aesthetics and was a great pleasure to see both upclose in person.

Overall, we couldn’t have asked for a better crowd, a better partner, and a better location. This was definitely a Cars + Caffeine to remember, and as we dive into summer, make sure to keep your cars clean and your schedules clear because we have some very exciting events planned for you all! Thanks again to everyone that joined us on our caravan and at the show, and a big shout out to the Hagerty Garage + Social team!

Until next time,

Adrian Adam Zywno (@Adrianadam)

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