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Saturday Sips at MoonGoat Coffee

SEPTEMBER 14, 2021

With summer coming to a close, the freedom of early Saturday morning drives are here to stay. For those dedicated, that is. This month’s small business drive and meet brought an eclectic group of enthusiasts together in Garden Grove visiting one of my personal favorites: MoonGoat Coffee. A community involved, hip and young crowd running the craft, this cultured hub caters to the tasteful connoisseurs. Mark—owner, petrolhead, and friend welcomed Heritage Gruppe into the 300-parking spaced lot with open arms and roasted coffee creations.

The turnout was, in fact, quite local to my neck of the woods. Coming from Huntington Beach, I looped north on the ever so ‘constantly-working-on itself freeway,’ the famous 405. A 15 minute straight shot with my daily driver: a blacked out Tiguan. The unspoken rule to respect those in show (and for favored photos), I tucked mine around the corner and allowed the caravan of decked specs to command the morning bliss synchronizing that first sip of coffee feeling—a moment of true delight was in order.

What I enjoy most is connecting with the people who have cars I am not as versed in in order to optimize more knowledge and gratitude toward all makes and models, because everything has something worth celebrating.

The lot was full of a prominently German mix. Specifically the crew of classic E30 BMWs. There was a coyote gold E30 (and one of two cars dressed in this paint in the country), where the sun hits it just right and these photos don’t do it justice. A beautiful spec of a coupe with BBS wheels. One of ten cars within the owner's fleet, and one to be acknowledged.

I connected with Peter who drives a red E30 convertible, and you can truly feel his admiration for it alongside his motivation to work in the industry of automotive. Since three’s a party, my final favorite was an E30 with a "sorry, not for sale" sticker rolling on BBS RS001 wheels. Matt purchased this beauty stock last year and has done a complete engine overhaul, adding smoked Hella Euro Smiley headlights, MHW tail lights, Husco armrest, airlift 3p suspension, M tech 1 wing and an M tech 2 steering wheel. In short: the man’s got taste.

My admiration for wagons kicked in as a daring duo came along. There were also several other interesting classics and modern mixes of other German and Italian breeds. Each rolling in gracefully.

The stories were complimented by the conversations where some of us learned quite a bit about the culture of coffee. Now, if you haven’t discovered the benefits of it, cancer research, and the trusting techniques with the right people to try it out with, then add MoonGoat to your list when in Orange County - Costa Mesa being their flagship with Garden Grove second, and potential plans to expand to LA in the foreseeable future. You may or may not acquire an addiction, and you may or may not thank me later.

I look forward to meeting more individuals with prospects to expand at the next meet, one business at a time intertwined with the friendships to be created and more coffee to be consumed. I highly recommend the their mushroom coffee cocktail and dulce de leche latte. If you haven’t tried those yet: *add to cart.* Cheers! - Summer Husain (@thesummermuse), featuring impromptu photos G & I captured on iPhone

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