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The Saturday A.M. Juice

JUNE 6, 2021

What’s more California than an all-natural, pea protein smoothie to start your weekend morning off right? Driving to grab said smoothie with a couple of your closest classic car buddies. If every day could start this way I would be a lot healthier, but also probably out of a job for turning a 15 minute routine into something that takes three hours. Alas, I have not amassed a crypto fortune and must stick with the current day gig – lame.

A bunch of the Heritage Gruppe gang assembled in the early Saturday light for a group convoy over to Nekter (@nekterdiamondbar) in Diamond Bar. In fact, we gathered at one of the O.G. Heritage Gruppe meet spots before it moved to Sun Valley. I’m partial to the heavy industrial vibe of the new location but I’d be lying if I said pulling up to the Eagle Rock Plaza at 7am didn’t pull at the heartstrings a little bit. I’m sure some of us spilled a little oil on the ground out of respect as we sprinted off (whether that was by choice or not is a different matter).

I gotta say, as much as I love my solo canyon runs up in Malibu early on the weekend mornings, there’s something to be said about group drives on the LA freeways. Flybys, slow rolls, chase cars snagging pictures and going three wide on a similarly-stretched length of road is just a blast. In my mind, everyone else on the highway is reacting like little kids hopped up on too many Nerds and too much Pepsi, losing their minds as we blast by, fist pumping and taking pictures. I am guessing that reality is different, and that 90% of the other cars on the road don’t register the awesomeness (and most of those that do roll their eyes and extend a single finger in our direction). But cheers to those of you who properly salute as we motor along.

In keeping with the HG Driver’s Meet fashion, there was an eclectic crew in attendance. Enter the Z4 M Coupe, which is quickly becoming one of my favorite late model silhouettes – I am a sucker for hot hatches of all eras and in my opinion, the E85 coupes are sleeper classics in the making. Consider me extremely partial to beautiful behinds, and this little lady brings the heat.

And, speaking of rear ends, I’m going to be daydreaming of @albertroxas' goddang gorgeous 991.2 in Paint to Sample Stone Grey for weeks to come. Yes, you read that right – Stone Grey, a color I’ve never seen before on a modern gen Porsche as it was originally on the 356. In today's IG age, it seems like there are more PTS 911s zooming around than those with pre-selected factory finishing, and often those Paint to Sample colorways are garish neons that sear retinas into oblivion. Mad respect for this car's classy coat and subtle hat tip back to where everything started at the house of Ferdinand and Ferry.

A lovely plethora of other vehicles were in attendance - @analog_addiction’s hotrod 911 SC, a seriously jacked VW beetle, a few M3s, a lovely vintage NSX and a Ferrari F90 Stradale with carbon fiber wheels and a brake kit bigger than anything I’ve ever seen. Apparently it takes a lot of stop nearly 1,000 of net horsepower production between gas and electric motors (serious question for those more knowledgeable than me in LA traffic laws – does the F90's hybrid status mean you can drive it in the HOV lane? Tempting...).

A huge shout out to Nekter, owned and run by Sean and Jade Mulyanto, for hosting our gathering. If you ever find yourself remotely close to Diamond Bar and in need of something healthy and satisfying, go give them a shout. Even more enjoyable than the smoothies, juices and Acai bowls are Shawn and Jade and their team. I will absolutely be back, as I have a new-found destination for my weekend drives. From time to time it may be, but I hope there are a bunch out there who’ll join me and mob up a bit.

Until next time crew, - Brendan (@b.g.mckay)

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